The Challenge of Coordination and Communication

Is keeping your city coordinated keeping you up at night? City council meetings, city staff meetings, library activities, civic events, school calendars, police and fire community activities...

Both internal meetings and public events need efficient coordination and effective communication. And keeping information and schedules up-to-date on the web can be expensive and time-consuming.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

ClearSync provides you a simple, powerful, flexible and secure calendaring solution for each of these separate organizations that can be used internally to coordinate events, facilities & people. And externally to communicate those events with the entire community. All at the same time.

Budget cuts are not an issue when annual licenses cost less than you'd expect to spend per month for many systems. Any size city and budget can find the perfect combination with ClearSync.

Get People Involved

Communication invites participation. Try ClearSync risk-free right now!

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