ClearSync supports your community service organization by helping you to coordinate your staff, volunteers, groups and facilities

  • Share Calendars to improve communication among staff, volunteers, members, clients and the community
  • Share Calendars to reduce time and facility conflicts
  • Share Calendars to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information
  • Share Calendars to save staff & volunteer admin time while increasing their effectiveness

ClearSync Helps Local Agency Retain Focus on Clients

"We have used ClearSync for the past three years and have been absolutely pleased. We have found the calendars to be extremely user-friendly. All employees have their own calendar, while I have multiple calendars that are designated for signing out agency vehicles, toll passes and conference rooms. It keeps our office out of chaos and allows for us to focus on our most important demographic: our clients.

     "When I have had a question or have needed assistance, the support staff at ClearSync has always been helpful, highly competent, and timely in returning messages. ClearSync has set the support bar and has far exceeded my expectations.

     "I did plenty of research before purchasing the agency ClearSync accounts. I was hard pressed to find another calendar system that was as user-friendly and cost effective. There really is no comparison. ClearSync is the best option. Thank you, ClearSync!" Kathleen, Tricounty CMO, New Jersey

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