ClearSync Supports Your School or School District by helping you to coordinate your staff, teachers, activities, events and facilities

  • Share Calendars to improve communication among staff, teachers, coaches, students, parents, and members of the community
  • Share Calendars to a public webpage to keep the community informed
  • Share Calendars among staff to reduce time, facility and resource conflicts
  • Share Calendars to save staff time while increasing effectiveness

ClearSync Helps Schools and Districts Save Time and Money

The administrator of a school district researched a calendaring solution for her district. She felt under pressure because of state budget cutbacks. With ClearSync's 30-day trial and attractive annual price, she knew that she had very little to lose. She was impressed by its intuitive interface and surprised by how useful and flexible ClearSync has proved to be. She is especially excited about presenting both the district schedule and each of the 9 schools' activities for the public to view on their website.

     "Knowing that the calendar information will be automatically updated whenever changes are made to it, staff and teachers like ClearSync. Students and families quickly see on our websites what is going on at both their own schools and elsewhere in district. Now that ClearSync has become part of our daily operations, it has turned out to be even easier to use and more cost effective than I had expected. It was a snap to insert the color-coded calendar display anywhere we want on our web pages and it has also been straight-forward getting the school administrators up to speed with it. Whenever we have had any questions or needed assistance with the setup, ClearSync's Support has also been very responsive & helpful. All in all, we are really satisfied with how great a solution ClearSync is for our calendar and scheduling needs." Office Manager, Greater Los Angeles Area School District

Try out ClearSync calendars for the web. Click on the icons and buttons to get a feel for how ClearSync could work for you. The first icon, the down-wedge, gives you the legend. Colors, sizes, and views are customizable!


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