ClearSync's flagship product is the ClearSync calendar program which allows users to share multiple calendars and contacts with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. ClearSync works in the "Cloud," using existing web connections to sync data via a secure remote server. Calendars and contacts data are shared across multiple platforms, including mobile phones, accessed via the web. The technology seamlessly sends updates, so users are never out of the loop. Throughout the years, ClearSync has constantly updated and refined the ClearSync software for additional platforms, speed, capacity and reliability. ClearSync's calendars can be accessed through Mac, PCs, laptops and Android-based smartphones, and it syncs to both Microsoft Outlook Calendars and Google Calendars. In development is ClearSync software for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7 and HP WebOS platforms.

ClearSync started in Portland, Oregon as WeSync back in the dot-com boom of the late 1990s. When enough Palm PDA users started using the program, Palm took notice and bought the company. Not long after, Palm split its company in two − separating the software and hardware divisions − and decided it no longer wanted the product. In response to hue and cry from many loyal users − including John Tanner, president of Tanner Research − Palm kept the software running on a server, but would no longer support it. Eventually Tanner purchased the software and development rights outright, and ClearSync was born.

Tanner Research, Inc., founded in 1988, is a leader in various facets of microelectronic design. The company has provided innovative electronic design automation software solutions to over 12,000 engineers in 35 countries. To streamline the design process, Tanner Research also provides training and consulting services for its customers. The areas of consulting expertise include integrated circuit and micro-electro-mechanical systems design. The advanced research and development arm of Tanner Research is focused on applications that promise to deliver unprecedented capabilities, including image processing, speech recognition, laser interferometry, and optical communication. Customers include the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, NEC, Ricoh Company, Xerox, British Aerospace, the U.S. Department of Defense, CSR plc and many others. Its tools and resulting products are used in PCs, cellphones, imaging systems, peripherals and other applications.

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