ClearSync on Your Computer

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ClearSync works on any computer system or web browser. This allows you maximum flexiblity and secure access to your data:

  • You can enter new contacts or appointments on your desktop, and they will sync into your Android phone effortlessly.
  • If you are travelling without your own computer, any browser can show you your schedule or give you access to your contacts.
  • If either your computer or phone is lost, stolen or damaged, your data is safe in our database ready to be restored to replacement devices simply in just a few minutes.

Desktop & Laptop Computers: The ClearSync 2 Desktop application works on desktop and laptop computer systems with the Java 1.5+ runtime installed, a minimum of 1GB of RAM and running Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac OS® or OSX®, or UNIX®/Linux®.

Web Browsers: The ClearSync 2 Online Browser "web viewer" application works with the all the major browsers with the Java 1.5+ plugin installed.

Web Views: ClearSync helps you design individual web views for different purposes, and to customize those views in different ways. You can use web views as web pages, or embedded in web pages, or as clickable links in email. You can direct your phone's browser to a web view, to see your set of calendars today or any date.

To take ClearSync out for a spin and to try it out on an Apple, Windows or Unix / Linux laptop or desktop, via the web, or on your smartphone (or all at the same time), create an account or log in.