ClearSync to Google

The ClearSync to Google feature allows you to keep all of your Google calendars in sync with your ClearSync calendars. If you have one or multiple Google calendars that you own or that others have shared with you, you can have all these calendars stay in sync with those calendars running in ClearSync. This will allow you to see your all your calendars, schedule without having to physically make duplicates of the appointments in various locations.

  • Make an appointment in your Google calendar on your desktop, it will show up on your Android phone in ClearSync.
  • Make an appointment on your Android in ClearSync, and it will sync and show up in your Google calendar in your desktop browser. Edit or delete appointments on your Android and they will change everywhere else.
  • ClearSync allows for more flexible calendar sharing to groups as well as individuals. Create and manage groups in ClearSync's powerful group manager, then share your Google calendars to others in your groups, and see their color-coded calendars easily as well.

Set up the ClearSync to Google, and then forget about it. ClearSync will keep all of your calendars in Sync. ClearSync to Google is a newly released standard feature of all ClearSync Calendars and Contacts applications.