ClearSync for Android

Stay Connected to People

  • Share calendar and contact information with family, friends and colleagues. You decide what data others are able to see and if they are able to edit your data. Share with iPhone users and other smartphone users.
  • Subscribe to similar data shared by family, friends and colleagues. For example, phone lists maintained by others can be easily placed on your phone, yet still able to be segregated or hidden as well.
  • Publish public calendars to the web as links or embedded into web pages. If your group has a website, embed an interactive calendar of upcoming events into an existing page. If it doesn't have a website, create a link that you can send out to group members via email.

Stay Connected to Devices

  • Create and edit unlimited calendars and contacts for Android phones. use separate calendars for work, projects, personal, sports, family members.
  • Sync your Outlook calendars and contacts to your phone. Put all your contacts from all sources into your phone with ease.
  • Sync your phone data with your PC or laptop. Have all your phone's calendar and contact data on your laptop. Create events on your computer that show up on your phone.
  • Never lose your phone data again. Backup your personal information, removing the hassle from phone upgrades or losses.

Elegant:--adjective, pleasingly effective and simple

  • Be up and running in no time. You already know how to use it: it has an intuitive interface.
  • Rapid scrolling is addictive. Navigation is a breeze as the day's events fly by. Smooth.
  • Calendar viewing is beautiful. As your calendar fills up, it becomes more colorful and pleasing.
  • Brings sharing to a new level. Sharing your calendar is like displaying your art.