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02-16-2009 - ClearSync for Chumby Brings Your Calendars to Desk and Bedside
02-26-2008 - ClearSync review by Christen Burris in TechnoLawyer Blog: ClearSync 2 for Syncing and Sharing Calendars and Contacts
10-23-2007 - ClearSync review by Craig Froehle
04-17-2007 - Affinity Law Office Technology Blog: Sync your Palm device with multiple calendars and more
02-12-2007 - Take Your Calendar Everywhere You Go by TechnoLawyer Blog
01-18-2007 - Your Nine Lives Each Deserve Their Own Calendar by TechnoLawyer Blog

01/18/2007 - Launch of ClearSync 2.0

ClearSync officially launched version 2.0 on January 18th, 2007. To view press release, click here.

10/09/2006 - Interview

Interview of John Tanner, President of ClearSync with Benjamin Kuo of To read, click here.

09/20/2006 - Interview

Interview of John Tanner, President of ClearSync, Ben Earle, Director of Support Services, and Adell Young, Director of Sales and Marketing with John Iasiuolo, Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show host, and Michael T. Ashby, cohost, founder and Director of the Nashville Palm Users Group (NPUG), as well as the founder and director of InterPUG. Broadcasted on Palm Handheld Lifestyles. To listen, click here.

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