Medical Professionals

"I always have access to the correct information."

"A few years ago, we purchased ClearSync to track meetings for the doctors, but found that it could do so much more. When I realized how much I rely on ClearSync at work, I purchased a separate ClearSync account for my personal files. Because of the integrated design, I can access any of my 3 accounts from any computer or mobile device at any time. Since I use ClearSync as my master file, I always have the correct information in front of me. ClearSync Customer Support is always there for me. They welcome my input and answer any questions I have. ClearSync is definitely one of the most valuable tools on my desktop." Cathey, Emergency Physician Group in Texas

"Simplifies Complex Scheduling"

"As a five-physician surgical group we have been using Clearsync for all of our surgical scheduling on PC or on PDA for six years in to different office locations scheduling all five physician calendars at five hospitals and three offices." Dr. Phil, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Keep Surgeons Coordinated"

"We have 3 surgeons and 4 schedulers who easily integrate each others' appointments with ClearSync. Receptionist/admin/schedulers edit calendar and contact data that the surgeons can instantly pick up wirelessly on their smartphones. We love ClearSync!" Dr. Kim, San Francisco, CA

"ClearSync is an essential foundation!"

"We find tremendous value in ClearSync as the 3 surgeons in our practice use their smartphones to seamlessly sync calendars and contacts that our schedulers keep updated from their PCs. ClearSync is an essential foundation for our business!" Dr. Charles, Cincinatti, OH

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