"Once ClearSync is installed, it works flawlessly"

"Making changes to contacts and events is simple and intuitive as they share the same interface... The ability to share different calendars with users who do not have local access to those calendars is definitely ClearSync's best feature. TechnoScore: 4.0 (out of 5) Christel Burris, Technolawyer

"Your Nine Lives Each Deserve Their Own Calendar"

"Wherever you are -- work, home, school, sporting events -- you can access contact information, dates, and times for everything going on in your life, thus reducing your chances of missing school plays and birthday parties, or finding, to your surprise, that your kids don't have school on the day of an important work meeting. Dennis Kennedy, Technolawyer

Interview with John Tanner on ClearSync

John Tanner is President and Founder of Monrovia-based Tanner Research, a company best known for its electronic design automation tools. John is well respected in the technology community here, and successfully bootstrapped Tanner Research from founding to becoming a fast growing, profitable, and successful firm. Recently, the company rolled out a new, consumer focused product, ClearSync ( in the calendar space, which competes against Google Calendar and other calendaring products. Interested to hear how his firm ended up shipping a consumer product, and why, we spoke to John, who gave us the fascinating story of how he liked the product so much as a user, he bought the entire product line from Palm, and revived it. Ben Kuo, SoCalTech

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