Words alone, of course, are not sufficient to give the full sense of the power and flexibility of ClearSync calendar and contact management software.

Click on the icon to see some of the main features of ClearSync in action.

Create and Edit

  • Multiple calendars, shared and private.

  • Contacts with name and contact info.

  • From any machine, at office or home or from the web


  • Your calendar and contacts with others in your family, business, or organization.

  • Any information with people you choose.


  • Calendars one at a time, side-by-side, or merged for an integrated view.

  • Calendars by day, week, or month.

  • Your information on any web browser.


  • Your calendars to your website effortlessly, with automatic updates.

  • Your calendars to emails, or through a webpage built by ClearSync


  • All infomation, seamlessly and wirelessly.

  • From PC using one-mouse-click sync or Auto-Sync


  • Of calendars and contacts means if you have a PC failure or lose your handheld, you lose no data

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