ClearSync works on any computer system or web browser.

Desktop & Laptop Computers

The ClearSync 2 Desktop application works on desktop and laptop computer systems with the Java 5+ runtime installed, a minimum of 1GB of RAM and running the following operating systems:

Microsoft® Windows® (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8)

Apple® Macintosh (Mac OS®, Mac OSX®)

UNIX® / Linux®

Web Browsers

The ClearSync 2 Online Browser "web viewer" application works with the following browsers with the Java 5+ plugin installed:

  • Apple Safari®

  • Google™ Chrome™

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer®

  • Mozilla® Firefox®

  • Opera®

To take ClearSync out for a spin and to try it out on an Apple, Windows or Unix / Linux laptop or desktop, via the web, or on your smartphone (or all at the same time), click on the Free Account button to your right.

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